Mission Impossible

per person

Duration: 3 to 4 hrs

Participants: 6 to 32

What you'll do

Maneuver in darkness through laser fields and rely on true teamwork to solve problems and defuse your objectives.

What's included

Participants pass through a room full of criss-crossed lasers. Tripping any of the lasers will set off an alarm.

Laser Fields

Participants will navigate through nearly invisible tripwires that when set off, will trip an alarm.


Teams will be given a deciphering guide to help solve encrypted messages by pen and paper.

Deciphering Messages

Participants will work together to hack into a time-sensitive computerized vault. The task requires steady hands, keen hearing and strong memorization skills.


To complete their mission, teams will need to break a numerical code to gain access to a locked steel box.

Code Breaking

Participants can climb a 20-foot ceiling on a helicopter cable ladder to complete a required task for the mission. The climber will be secured by a safety rope.

Cable Ladder Objective

Under guided direction and safety glasses, participants will take aim at paper targets using a soft air pistol.

Target Practice

Participants must complete a mysterious task that can only be reached by crossing a pressure-sensitive floor; one false move and off go the alarms.

Pressure-Sensitive Floors

Teams will be given a deactivation kit to disarm a replica armed device that includes instructions, wire strippers, wire cutters, screw driver, needle-nose pliers and other required tools.

Device Deactivation

Team will need to use flashlights and a blueprint of the building to navigate in the pitch dark from sector to sector.


Teams rappel through a trap door and land 20-feet below into a dark room.

Rappel Objective

Teams use a rope-and-pulley system to raise two teammates over a simulated electric fence.

Electric Fence Objective

Where you'll be

The Mission Impossible program will take place at our ONE AXE Team Building office at 24 Henderson Street in Elora, Ontario.

Keep these in mind

Cancellation Policy

Cancel up to 14 days prior to the program date to receive a full refund. Reschedule up to 7 days prior to the program date ($500 fee).

Weather Policy

Programs run rain or shine.

Participant Considerations

  • A low-to-moderate activity level is required

  • Our harnesses fit up to 51 inches

  • Our programs are designed so that teammates can opt out of certain challenges for any reason and still remain involved in the teams’ successes

  • If you have any health concerns, please consult a physician

Customized Experience

We often customize various components of our programs to better suit your team’s needs. Our Mission Impossible program can be customized and operated at any venue large enough to accommodate the program (additional cost). If needed, we can also assist with arrangements for catering, bus or coach transportation and business meeting locations.


24 Henderson St, Elora, ON N0B1S0
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